Frequently Asked Questions

Does this site/store/name have anything to do with Emily Post, that author who wrote about etiquette?

We are not Emily Post, but a long time ago, when we registered this domain name, we were thinking about how to be polite online. So we dreampt up a kind of pun and name twist based on the name. Our original idea lived on the back burner for a while, and nothing came of it. Then, later, thinking of postcards, we looked at our domain names and lo! Post Emily was a domain name we'd already registered. And for postcards, we already had the name post in it.

We like the way that the name pays homage to the woman who was an expert of etiquette. Think about it. The writing of postcards, and keeping in touch, is an act of politeness. Many have begun using postcards as a way to communicate in the spirit of being friendly and considerate, which are values embraced by Emily Post, her descendents, and her brand. But no, other than the fun pun that's a twist on her name, we are not the "etiquette advice people."

(We are amused to think that Ms. Post's original book, Etiquette, was published in 1922. 1922 is just after women won the right to vote. That was a great time for publishing — The books we've been reading about the suffrage movement that are part of our writings about The Stories of The Postcards were also published around that time, too.) 

Does this have anything to do with Emily's List?